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Formatting missing?

I logged into my dashboard this morning and loaded a site but the CSS seems to be missing. Is anyone else having that issue?

Working in Webflow whole day today… But no problems!

Aren’t you working in a new empty template :wink: ?

Hey Rowan,
It started as a blank template a few days ago and I last worked on it last evening and everything looked fine. It was only this morning when the formatting went missing.

I can see the formatting in the Panel, but it does not seem to be translating to the screen for me. For example, the "Go!’ button shows incorrectly as black, but the panel correctly shows the background color of blue.


Oddly enough, if I publish the site, it shows correctly in the browser However, if I then go back to the Design button, the formatting is still missing.

  1. It doesn’t show in the design-side window
  2. It doesn’t show when I Preview the design
  3. It doesn’t show here

Still, I can see that the formatting has been set for individual components when I look in the Panel on the right. It seems to be a glitch with my account, I’m guessing.


I can see all the correct styling in your preview link.

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Me too. Maybe a browser cache issue? I use chrome dev tools and there is an option to permanently clear cache on refresh or cmd/ctrl + F5 works too. Not sure if that’s the issue but a quick thought.

edit: and I meant “me too” as the preview looks identical to the published version.

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That is strange. It must be one of my Chrome extensions causing the issue.

I’ll disable them and see what happens.

Thanks Rowan!

Yes, thanks @pingram3541 it was one of my browser extensions. D’oh! *headsmack

I disabled it and all is right with the world once again haha.

Thanks also to @rowan