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Webflow Designer is not loading correctly when accessed

All my sites are with crazy formatting, weird, different … there was some change? someone else is going through it? It started today (March 4)

How it should be:

How is it:

How it should be:

How is it:

One more detail:

when I open the site in preview it works ok … but when I open the editor it seems that does not have CSS webflow, do not know …

Hey @lucaspchara this looks like a bug :confused: sorry for any trouble, can you please email us right away at [](mailto: with more information including your browser version & environment information (computer make/model).

There may also be a Chrome Extension interfering, can you please try opening the Webflow designer in Chrome Incognito mode with all browser extensions turned off and let me know if this helps?

Thanks in advance and standing by for your confirmation & email.

I’ve disabled all my extensions and continues the bug, but I sailed in anonymous mode and was normal.

To my co-workers is working normally.

My chrome: 48.0.2564.116 m
Windows 7 ultimate service pack 1
Intel Core i7, 8 ram

I will include this information in the email

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