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All margins lost all of a sudden

I suddenly lost all margins on my web site: :frowning:

Weird… can you go to the dashbord and try to restore a preview (working) backup?

I can but this is the second time I encounter this bug, so I want to bring it to the attention of the Webflow team.

Moreover, reverting back to a previous version is always unpleasant because I do not know which changes exactly I’d need to redo again.

Yes, I know.

You can set backups steps manually, FYI. Do Cmd+Shift+S and name your backup, you’ll find it back in the backup list.

Still no official reply in this serious bug :frowning:

When you say “lost all margins” what exactly do you mean. I haven’t encountered things changing randomly. Looking at your site, you have symbols utilized for some sections that cover a number of components. Is it possible you accidentally adjusted a class that is controlling one of the symbols?

@uzzer Can you please provide more detail on the class names that lost margins? I’m looking at the backing data for the preview you linked to and quite a few classes have margins.

Also, which browser are you using? Thanks!

@ jdesign - lost margins can be noticed when you compare what you see on (earlier published version) with what you see on (latest editions, not published yet).

Not all items with lost margins are in symbols.

@ callmevlad - the classes which lost margins are:

  • language links div
  • header right block
  • main layer div - home page
  • title tab
  • follow us icons - business partnerships

There could be a few other classes which I might have missed to see across the pages.

The problem is visible in either Chrome or Firefox.

Any observations on those classes?