Form Will Not Submit - please help!

I have a form located here:

Unfortunately, I cannot get it to actually submit. I have other forms on the site that submit without any issue.

I have deleted the entire form, started over as well as redone the submit button several times.

Can someone on here help me with this?

here is my read only link –

Hi @jrayhill

:smiley: Welcome the Webflow Community! (Great looking site by the way!)

You’ve put this in the Custom Code Help Category, can you confirm if you’re using custom code as I can’t seem to see any on the page? It may take a little longer to get a response as not everyone is familiar with code. If not, I can move it into design help.

I asked for help through the website and was instructed to place it there… but, if it’s not there I am more than willing to move it over - if you think that will help.

At this point I’m desperate!

Please feel free to move over.

Thank you!

OK, but with regards to my initial question, are you using custom code?

I did for a bit – as I was trying to have both the Flexible Move Date and the I need to be out of my current place by… both have calendar drop downs.

But even after removing that and just making it a fill in / text. It still doesn’t work.

And have you republished since removing the code?

Sorry, just trying to figure out what can be stopping this or at least others may be able to help too.

Yes, as well as completely redone it about 4 times, replaced the button etc.

Thanks @jrayhill

Can you give the form div a unique class, and also rename the Form.



I could be way off the mark, but just trying to narrow it down!

did this – and republished… No luck. I do see this, do you think this has anything to do with it?33%20PM

@brando I’m truly stumped with this one, sorry!

Hi @magicmark @jrayhill

Apologies for the delayed response here – I was OOO for a few days.

I just tested this on my end and it appears the form is working as expected now. @jrayhill were you able to fix the issue?

We were!

Thank you!

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How did you end up fixing this if you don’t mind me asking? I am having the same issue.

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Hi Please can someone help me. I have exported Clients website and am trying to get the email submission form to work. I keep getting this error messa


@Keabetswe_Disemelo - It does not work because exported forms can’t use Webflow form processing. This is documented. That only works on WF hosted sites. You either have to wire up a local mailer script or use a third party form processor. See integrations in the University for third party form processors.

Hi Jeff. Thank for replying. I have used form spree. I pasted the action and pasted the code in the as per tutorial.Not sure why its not working. Which 3rd party would you reccomend?

I could take a quick look at your published site if you share your hosted URL. I use Basin mostly. Free plan has:

  • 1 form endpoint
  • 100 submissions
  • Basin branded emails
    Submissions inbox
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