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Form Submit Button not working

Im sure this is user error but the form on my application page will not work for the life of me. The other forms on my site work just fine but the Submit button doesn’t click on this. Please help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I’m trying to test your form out by putting random values, but man. this form is long. But i understand why it needs to be long.

But may I suggest using this instead?

This will give a better user experience to your users who need to fill out a long form

Will check it out but still need to know why this button doesn’t work?

I see these errors when clicking on the submit button:

Can you double check that you’re not using the same form name on your input fields?

Actually, i would strongly suggest using a third-party tool for this form. You’re asking the user for VERY private information and your website isn’t behind a SSL (Secure socket layer)

If information like a social security number, birthdate, full name and employment history gets transmitted over the internet without any security layers, you could get into legal trouble :grimacing:

Edit: Form data IS secure, but the webpage isn’t. You wont see that green lock icon in your web browser when filling out the form. But, just to be on the safe side, try a third-party form tool thats secure so your users feel safer :smiley:

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good point, thanks I will check it out.

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