Form Suddenly No Longer Working

Hey Everyone,

so I have a client whose form suddenly stopped working. The site has multiple forms however it is just one specific one that is not working anymore–that is the Camp Enrollment Form. We’ve tested the contact form and it was going through just fine.

What’s specifically happening is that there is no action being triggered when submitting the form (nothing happens when you click submit).

Here is the website:

It does have quite a bit of fields in it but it was working well up until now. Can anyone assist me with this?


Are you hosting the site outside of Webflow?

The website is hosted on Webflow and we’re using Webflow’s tools for the form submission.

I couldn’t tell you in that case, unfortunately. A heads up that your preview link isn’t working either.

It could be a case of re-creating the form, unless you’ve already tried that?