Webflow forms: Existing Forms Now Not Working - "Oops! Something went wrong.."

Hi folks. new to Webflow, savvy enough to get about and build.

I have forms that I used for many months, all working. Recently they are not submitting and I cannot work out what the problem is. I haven’t changed anything in relation to the form, I simply came back to update a ‘Live Class Collection’ to publish a new month event, as I’ve done before.

I noticed today its not working. Any help would be great, thanks in advanced. Note, reCAPTCHA is currently ON.

The form is located on the Live Class Collection Page.

Here is a link for you to check:

See if this helps.

I need to check a few details around recaptcha failures, and maybe add some video docs, but I’ve been thinking about formalizing a resolution map.

I was checking the console log I found the following error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 422 ()


So I’ve got the form working again simply establishing a new site key. Not really the solution I was thinking about as I’m unsure why the pervious one stopped working. I would love to have any other suggestions to this for future diagnosis, thanks folks.

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Site key = a new reCAPTCHA key?

I moved all of my clients to a 3rd party form handler named Basin which has solved all 3 issues we were struggling with ( SPAM, unsubscribes, and unexplained outages ).