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Form Submission (Style and Redirection)

I’ve just finished my first landing page in WebFlow - and very happy with it (as is my client!).
That page had a simple form, which emailed the data through, as per the standard form behaviour.
But it’s led me to some questions, as my next project may need something more.

a) Is there a way to edit the styles w-form-done and w-form-fail styles (font style, background colour, etc) and to edit the default text used? I can see the styles in the exported CSS file, so can get round it with a direct edit, but just wondered if it can be done in the designer interface?
It would be even better if I could design further inside the submission area (insert multiple text elements, images, etc).

b) Is there a way to instead have the form redirect to another page upon submit? Either another webflow page, or external link? There are cases where a simple success/fail message isn’t quite enough, and you want a fuller page of detail to be shown.

I know fuller form functions are coming soon, but thought I’d check if these are possible.


Apologies, I’ve just learnt how part A of my post can be done.
For the benefit of others:

  • Double click on your Form element.
  • A small pop-up option window appears by the form.
  • Here you can select the state, including Submitted and Failed.
  • With another state selected, you can adjust style, and insert new elements.

Still, would be interested to know about possibilities/plans for by B) point :slight_smile:

Yeah as you have found out you can click on the Form element and style or add new elements to that success message. You can also drag text/images/structure elements inside your form.

As for redirecting you to another page upon submission of the form - that’s not possible yet, but it’s totally an option we’ll be thinking about! Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @SimonSkilling - this has now been implemented - take a look here: Redirect to another page or URL after form submitted?

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