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Using the Form's 'Success" Field

Hello, I would like to edit the paragraph text that appears when people successfully submit a form.

I want the design effect to be a lightbox that the screen is forced onto.

Centered on the page is a white box that says 'Your form was successfuly sent. Our staff member
will be contacting you for a meet and greet, and the Service Agreement will be emailed to you. Thank you."

How do i accomplish this effect?


p.s. I also need help stlying the ‘error’ field.

When clicking on the Form element, you’ll find a few options in the Settings Panel to the right hand of the screen that should give you control of both “success” and “error” messages.

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Error message only shows when the form encounters an error while submitting form data to the servers. It does not trigger for field validation errors.

Thank you, folks. This will help, but questions remain:

  1. I would like it to be such that when you click on the words ‘Terms and Conditions’ it creates a pop-up on the webpage that can be 'X’d out.

This pop-up has all the info of the terms and conditions. Any idea how i do this? Webflow really should make a pop-up block!!!

  1. Settings for the error and success message, are limited-- just redirected URL and has a method. How do i control the deisgn for these messages? Like what if i want a nice big green letter with a gradient background and panda image on the left hand side of this container? Say i want that to be the ‘success’ message.

How do i control the design for these messages?

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