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How to disable webflow form submit state success and failure


The use case is I use webflow build landing page to collect email, After people sign up, It will redirect to thank you page in new tab, So there is no need using webflow form submit state.

By default, success state is “Thank you! Your submission has been received!”. I don’t need that. I want it just the sign up form, don’t have the success or failure state. Because I have a thankyou page in new tab.

I use jQuery submit() function to redirect in new tab, But I don’t know how to disable webflow built-in form submit state.

    $("#wf-form-Email-Form-4").submit(function(){'', '_blank');
        $('.w-form-done').css('display: none !important;');

The .w-form-done display none don’t work.

Is there a way to display webflow form submit state.
This is a test demo

This is sharable link

Thanks in advance

Hi there @Anderson_Min, you can put the url to the page to redirect to in the Redirect field in Form settings, but other than that there is no native way to suppress the success and failure state messages.

I hope this helps,

Hi Cyberdave,

Many thanks~
I know If I put URL in the Redirect field, It will not open in a new tab. I learn that webflow use ajax to submit. So I add custom code to submit in a new tab.

Is there any way walkaround to disable webflow success/failure state, don’t judge and respond relative information as form submit.

Hi @Anderson_Min, thanks for your reply. I am checking further with the team to see if there is a custom code workaround.

This is also a good idea for our Wishlist.

When I have some feedback, I will give an update.

Hi @cyberdave,

Added in the wishlist.


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The button that comes with the form is of type “submit”. You can remove the sumit button and add a regular button with the ID you use in your JS code. This way, you will benefit from the input fields, add your own functionlity without triggering the form submittsion.

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Hi @cyberdave

Did ya find solution? I am also facing same issue and I am pistoff. I can’t hide that Success message.
I see that few users asked about this 4 years ago but I guess developers didn’t worked on that…