Form Submission email still using webflow after export

Hey there,

I know that there is a lot of topics about forms and exported websites but I have read every of them and I didn’t get any answer.

So, I designed a website for a client with weblow, and I exported it since the client wanted to host his website on his own server. In order to replace the submission form method from webflow, I downloaded this pre-made form : that I planed to customize and insert in my website.

When I upload it on a different folder on my server, it works perfectly. But when I merge it in my page, the form doesn’t use my new php script but it use the script from webflow instead (and send email from :

How it is even possible ? And most importantly, how can I bypass the webflow’s script for good ?


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Anyone ? :slight_smile:

I too would like to know about this. I use Webflow to design and I export websites for clients who already have a hosting company. When ever they need changes I go back into Webflow then export again.

@PixelGeek @Waldo any thoughts???

Are you styling the form you implemented with your webflow generated code? If so, that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you remove the class “w-form” from your website.

You could also try this: At the top of your HTML there is a line in the tag that says something like “wf-data=1” remove that. You can remove the other stuff within the tag also but I have found that interactions do not work if you remove the others so keep that in mind.

Hopefully that solves your problem!

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Thanks a lot @Edy ! I won’t be able to try all of that in the coming days but that seem to be the most promising answer so far ! :slight_smile:

@maxq I’ve encountered this issue before, and reported it as a bug.

I looked into the WebflowJS source code, and as far as I can tell there is logic in place that if you have a <form> element with no action URL set, it defaults to sending the form data to Webflow’s servers. The only way to avoid this as far as I can tell (without messing around with Webflow’s code) is to put something (anything) in the form action.

What I’ve done is simply put <form action="#"> and this has stopped it from sending data to Webflow.

Another semi-annoying bug (feature?) I’ve noticed related to this is that if you export the code and have a <form> element without an action and/or method specified you get an annoying javascript alert/popup about having misconfigured forms on your site every single time you refresh.

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