CAPTCHA and other spam prevention support

Not really a question… unless someone has already figured this out…

but - WebFlow needs to develop a CAPTCHA widget.

I normally hand-code - and use captcha all the time - when submitting a Contact Us form.

No captcha = tons of spam
captcha = rarely get spam

WebFlow - Please make this widget.


Thanks for the feedback @Revolution. We have it on our roadmap and are looking for an opportunity to work on it. We’ll let you know!

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The best solution I’ve found for this is CloudFlare. Then you don’t need a CAPTCHA, because CloudFlare will block the spam bots. You could still be manually spammed, but I’ve not found this to happen in practice.

Any solution that avoids using a CAPTCHA is a good solution, in my opinion. Lots of visitors actually don’t understand them.

Just wanted to revisit the captcha post. Any progress from the developers?

I’m curious about this as well…

I’m interested too. any updates???

Any word on this? It would really be great!

I think I’d like to add that because webflow limits you on form submissions and charges you 2 cents thereafter, there is substantial risk that with a malicious attack, the offender could make us end up losing a lot of money with an attack.


What can i do to protect our mail spam? It rise up in the last view months / weeks.

Webflow team. I can code a little script to spam a Webflow site in about 20 minutes, there are ways around captcha but a sense of security is better than no security at all…

This to me sounds like a much cooler feature - Conditional Actions for buttons :wink:

Hey @Aidz @Toby @jdesign @andyuk @bryantay @mtsurgery you can make a pretty simple interaction to act as a Captcha form. Maybe even make someone click several buttons before showing the submit button. :slight_smile:

Live Link:

Read-Only Webflow Link:


@Waldo, I implemented your solution and it seemed to work for a short period of time but I now get just as many spam form submissions as before. Do you know of anything I did wrong or if there is more effective solution? I have no coding capabilities, all visual Webflow skills only :slight_smile:

Here’s preview link:

Here’s the site link:

It’s the Request Demo button at the top of the page that is getting all of the spam.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!