Form Processor with Autoresponder

Hi all,

This post is for those of you who export your forms and need a form handler - i.e. when you set a form method to POST and set the action to some external service.

Up until yesterday, I was using FormCarry - however, they removed the ability to specify a return URL on free accounts.

So, I went searching…

And found the crappiest and oldest looking service but it works like a dream!

It’s called AllForms

It costs €10 per year. You can configure your emails just like Webflow but you can also set up autoresponders so that when a person submits a form on your website, they get an email confirming it - and you can also send them a copy of the data they sent in the form.

There are also file uploads but I haven’t played with this yet.

If you can get past the look, it’s a great service and has clearly been around for a long time!

@Diarmuid_Sexton Hi Diarmuid!, I’m founder of Formcarry, if you have signed up before 23 Jul you can continue to use return url feature, however if you are a new member you can use our AJAX feature which is free, like I mentioned there:

Ah, ok. fair enough. Thanks for letting me know.

Formcarry is a good service - the PRO plans are just a little too expensive.

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So, I’ve found usebasin and it seems like a great service. It’s $5 per month / $50 per year.

Disregard the original post!

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