I found a free, simple option for form submissions on exported sites

Hey everyone,

I came across this free tool on Product Hunt today and thought I would share. Basically, it allows you to process unlimited form submissions on exported sites and sends the submissions to your email. All you do is change the form action to what’s below and the method to post.


There are other features like hiding your email in the form action code and setting the email’s subject, but it’s completely free (there’s not a paid version,) and there’s no limit to submissions. I’m in no way affiliated with these guys, but thought it would help some people. You can read more about it at formsubmit.co/.



Thanks for sharing with the community! :webflow_heart:


You’re a life saver! This works perfectly. I wish we could stop the redirect and success page of formsubmit but it works wonderfully.

Thanks a bunch!

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Glad it worked out for you!