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Collecting form submissions on exported sites - 3rd party service

Hi there!

I have just developed a website for my client and unfortunately she could not afford the Webflow hosting. I am from Czech republic and we are used to $1/month hosting plans so most of my clients can’t or don’t want to use anything else.

That is why I must export the sites from Webflow and everything works fine except contact forms. I am not experienced in PHP and setting up my own email server. So I wanted to find a 3rd party solution which will do it with the simple “action URL” and “method: POST”.

I have searched this forum all over and most of the discussions suggested Formspree, Form carry, etc. They are great but as I explained above I always have to find costs-effective solutions. So monthly based subscriptions weren’t an option. (I know they have a free versions, but they don’t allow you to have custom thank you page - so you are forced to use theirs and as you can’t translate it - we can’t use it locally). So my search adventure continued until I’ve found

They have the pricing model I have been looking for. 500 submissions free and then every additional 50 000 submissions only for $20. I mean for most of my clients this amount will probably last for a lifetime. haha And even with the free “500 submissions” you can setup your own Thank you page, which is crucial for my clients.

I just wanted to share this with you as I think that it is a great solution.

If you have any questions please ask. I have been using it and testing it for a couple months and so far it has been working flawlessly.


Hey @Rosta_Plachy

Thanks for sharing with the community! :webflow_heart:

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Bjorn from Formspark here.

Thank you for the kind words!

We’re super excited to hear your positive feedback regarding the updated pricing model.

Have a great day!


I have some questions about your product:

Is your product GDPR compliant?

Where is the data hosted?

There is no contact information on your site, where are you located?

Why should a user trust form data to you?

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Thank you for your questions.

We are a private company based in Belgium, the data is encrypted and stored on AWS in Ireland.

We are GDPR compliant and are continously improving our regulatory documentation, which, I admit, is not as good as it could be.

Our revenue model is based on non-recurring, non-expiring data packages.
Customer data (personal, analytics, submissions) is never sold.

Let me know if you have further questions, I’ll gladly answer them.


Thanks for your help!
I have tried Formspark and it works wonderfully.
The only thing I can’t do is change the “redirect” page. How did you do it?

Hey man, no problem, you can find the solution here

But basically:

  1. In your form block add new Embed element
  2. Copy & Paste this code there
  1. Replace the URL value for your “thank you page”

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hey Rosta,

thank you for the great tip with formspark - I’ll have a try with it.

However, one quick question regarding the redirect - is it possible to create a pop-up window instead of a seperate thank-you page?


Thanks for this tip. I would love to use them, but do they still work? I have problem with registering, and some things on the site seems to be broken…

Hey man, still working for me and for my clients. I suggest reaching out directly to the support team.

Hey Adin, everything is possible with some code, but I am unfortunately not sure if formspark support this natively. You can however disable the redirect and then on button click trigger webflow interaction (popup). Could do the job for you. For more info check here

Guys! I have a simple question on how to get the webflow form integrated with formspark code. Bit of a less code friendly guy here… Would love if theres easy step by step guide someone can share how to work with formspark…

Along with that if 250 submissions are done within a month… will data be resetting itself for the next month?

Thanks for the tip Rosťa.
Just thought i’d add for anyone else trying this that you need to add the html embed element as the first element in the form for it to work (and not in the form block).
Just saying from experience…