Form is acting weird


My form is acting weird:

As soon as I start typing the dash jumps up…

Here’s the live page:

What’s up?

Here is my site Read-Only Link

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@DomenVi I’m not able to reproduce the issue on desktop (Chrome) or Safari (iOS). You’re talking about the cursor moving up when you start entering text in the field?

Unfortunately couldn’t reproduce this either on a phone device. Nice site though!

What are you using to test your site on?

Hey guys,

It seems to be an issue on mobile only. I tested on Safari and DuckDuckGo browsers… @QA_Brandon do you propose a great tool to test sites on?

Hi @DomenVi - regarding testing. If you are serious about testing across many devices and don’t own them, a product like can really help. Cheaper than buying devices.

Agreed @webdev, Jeff!

Thanks for the tip – I forgot about that service.

Still, haven’t solved this issue ;D