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Hi all,

i have a very specific topic. I created a full-screen overlay which contains a form. Everything works fine on the web. On mobile, i have the issue that when i start to type in the form the cursors (flashing things jump´s down a couple of pixels --> See screenshot)

I tried everything but am not able to figure the issue out. You can open the overlay and access the form by clicking on the menu and press “Contact Us”.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Known issue with safari, but apple won’t fix. See

Possible workaround here

Hi! I’ve found a solution.

  1. Create a tranparent modal section with FORM and set position absolute.
  2. Create a background modal section with color opacity and set position fixed.
  3. Create a button with an interaction to show when clicked this 2 elements.
  4. Set an anchor link on button to the transparent modal section with form

You can see here:

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