"Jumping" form on popup


I have a wired problem with form places on popup. When I open it on iPad and iPhone and than click on fields, whole popup is jumping and getting back to its original position. I am adding video, to show what is it about on iPad.

click here for video

Thank you!

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @MaciejIVE,
Could you, please, publish this example-site and give us “live” link? It is weird behavior, but in Webflow preview mode it is not appear.


sure, here it is: http://popupproblem.webflow.io/ :slight_smile:

Well… I am not experiencing such problem on Android phone, only on iPhone. It looks like page fully refreshing when you tap. BUT, it happens only in Safari. And if you will check site in Chrome it is working good. So, it seems some browser “bug”.

Well, thank you, I am writing msg to Apple :smiley:

@sabanna have you any idea how to build it to have it working on Safari? :relieved:

Unfortunately :confused: no, I am sorry

One of my colleges suggest to change font size to 16 px. It could prevent form from jumping.


And here’s why I recommended it :wink:

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Unfortunately this does not helps. iPhone is not zooming form but it still jumping. Thank you anyway :wink:

Hi @MaciejIVE,

It might occur because of safari unable to link properly with your Typekit, there’s a single thread here how it can be handled. Plus, try to remove the border styling, to see if that helps.

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