Contact Form cursor error on iphones

Hi guys,

I’m always running into this problem and I never know how to fix it. On android devices, the form loads correctly and the cursor is alligned properly.

On iPhone, it’s a total different story. The cusor is not alligned at all and it zooms in on the form that when your about to finish the form, you manually have to pinch out the screen to reset the resolution.

Is there a way to fix this???


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I have this issue too. It seems to be any text field. It happens on the search bar on one of my sites exactly as your screenshot shows.

I think it’s more to do with Safari on iOS though than with Webflow.
It would be nice if it “unfocuses” when you click away from the text field.

Hmmm… thanks @markus84uk but this still doesn’t resolve the issue. This has happened with a client’s website in the past 2 months and it got resolved but I cannot seem to remember the fix. Hopefully somebody does.

Also, yes I did go back to that website to see if any settings were different but sadly they arent. :confused:

Did u use a on Android for monitro somebody? Can u tell me how It is work?