Form input not appearing on logic

I have a form with this input field

that is linked to this CMS.

When I try connecting the form in logic, that input field does not appear. Am I missing something?


To put it simply, Logic can’t “see” the fields you’re generating in custom code.
Instead, create an actual input element, and use custom code to set the value on it.


Noice! That works! Thank you!

That’s big brain. How exactly can I tell the code to do that?

Depends on your HTML.

One simple way is to use SA5 dynamic attributes;

  • Place your input field, and name it for Logic
  • Add SA5 Dynamic Attributes
  • Add a custom attribute to your input of x-value and bind it to your CMS field
  • You can then hide that field, if the user doesn’t need to see it
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Wow, this is 3000 iq

Thanks a bunch!