How to create custom Submit button

Hello community!

I’m a newbie here and don’t really know how to work with a custom code in Webflow.
I mean I don’t have much skills in the code.
But I need to create such a thing: there’s an usual form on the website and I need to receive all the data on the Make (legacy Integromat), BUT it shouldn’t deduct -1 from 2500 monthly form submissions (it’s really necessary).
I’ve tried to make it via Webflow Logic, it worked well but I have a HTML Embed of hidden input in the form block with Memberstack ID (to receive the data from which CMS page this form has been submitted).
The problem is - Webflow Logic doesn’t see this hidden input, so I can’t use it to send all the info via HTTP request to the Make’s webhook.

So the only thing I know, that I can have a submit button with Make’s webhook URL as an action, but I can’t use a Redirect feature because submission sends to the third-party service, not Webflow.

But I found some information, that I can make a “custom-code Submit button” where I can have all these things - action to the Make and Redirect to the /success page on the Webflow.

So the question is - where I can found such a code of this type of a button, or maybe someone will have time to paste it here, in comments, I’ll appreciate it so much.
Thank you community!

Hi Elisei,

Logic also charges a form submission per execution so that approach wouldn’t work for your use case.

Basically you need your own form handler that does the submission to your webhook and handles the response to display the success/failure message.

SA5 has that as a nocode feature, and in your case I think you’d configure it for other. However I cannot remember if it picks up and handles Webflow’s redirect feature. Give it a try and let me know.

Thank you so much for this information! I’ll try that today!