Autofill form based on CMS item from same page

Assuming this will require custom code.

I’m trying to auto-populate a form field based on the CMS item name that exists on the same page.

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 10.38.18 AM

I would like the highlighted Title to display in the form field

It’s important that when the form is submitted, the title/company name is included in the form submission data.

I have minimal coding experience so please provide detail in your answer.

I appreciate your help!

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Sygnal Attributes supports this;

To make your company name accessible, add it as a custom attribute to that input field as x-value.

Add the library to your page’s before /head code, and that value will be translated to a value attribute, which loads the CMS value into your input field.


Hi Michaael,

This didn’t seem to work. I created a custom attribute in the field where I want the company name to show up as instructed, tested on the live site, and nothing.

Any other work around that will allow the company name to be pre-populated into the form submitted would be appreciated.


Did you add the Sygnal Attributes library script?
Have a look at the docs.

Also make sure you’re binding the correct company name to the value field, you seem to have several options in your CMS.

Yes. I added the library script to the page and ensured that the value field was matching correctly.

I got rid of the placeholder text to see if that was an issue.

Perhaps there is another way to populate the CMS item name into the form field.

It looks setup right, but your data doesn’t exist yet.

None of your CMS items have a Company Name set;

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That was the problem!!!

Thank you SOO much!