Code Embed value in Logic Flow?

Hey, fam. So I’m trying to create an interaction on my site that uses a form submission and F’in Suite CMS filter integration to create a live item in a CMS which is then dynamically filtered by the CMS that is currently being viewed. after much playing around with custom code, I’ve got the CMS filtering to work!

With the form submission, I’m using a code embed element coded as an input type that I will hide in my submission form block to store the dynamic content. In the custom embed, I’m using the purple “+ Add Field” button to dynamically insert my data into the value type. This is working also!

My issue now is with the Logic flow that creates the CMS item. I can’t seem to be able to reference the embed element in the logic flow. I’ve tried everything I can think of, even digging into the exported code of my site and setting up my code embed element exactly like Webflow does other text input elements by default. But I can’t get it to show in the Flow!

Any one have any ideas? I’m stumped. Welcome to give more clarity if my description was confusing!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Benjamin Lawrence Walker - NEW