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How can I give access to the files submitted over forms to my client?

Hello everyone, I need my clients to be able to access and download the files submitted through forms without giving them access to my own designer account or making the form submissions accessible to the public.

Anyone added to the form notification list or automatically emailed over Zapier can’t access the files if they’re not logged into a Designer account. Fine.

I can’t give them access to my Designer account because it has another website on there, and the point of Webflow is to be able to build and manage multiple website in one place so that could never have been a reasonable expectation.

Making the files accessible to the public obviously isn’t an option and I can’t believe it would be compliant with GDPR.

So it seems the only option is to make a Teams account so I could make an account for the client and add them to the project.

Tried that.

Nope, you can’t add a website to a Team account with an active hosting plan. The hosting plan I’ve recently upgraded for the next year to get the file upload feature in the first place! This is now the most pathetic thing I’ve ever come across, needless to say, I demand a full refund. And I’m sad that I only paid for a month because I couldn’t trust Webflow to deliver a solution, and was right.

So… can anyone tell me how I can get form notifications to client with accessible uploaded file links, that gets passed the unnecessary barriers noted above?

If there’s not a solution to this then I’m embarrassed to have ever suggested using Webflow, tomorrow’s deadline to go live is a joke and genuinely won’t be able to justify using it for future work. This experience has genuinely made me miss Wordpress.

And Webflow, you should be ashamed of how unclear (to the point of deceptive) your wording is.

I’m referring to the text on the Settings > Forms page that notes ‘Turn this on to restrict access to files uploaded through your site’s forms to people who are logged in to your site, i.e., you, your client, and collaborators.’ But this is not the case, and ‘Collaborators’ as Webflow have chosen to call them on the ‘Editors’ page, actually can’t access files uploaded through the site’s forms when they’re logged in.

Now I’m having to consider rebuilding the website somewhere else just to get one of the most standard functions for a website to work.

So I’d rather see if anyone has a solution I haven’t thought of so I can look like an absolute idiot here, and not in front of my team and client.



Hi @Merlyn

Why not creating an account for the client and transferring the site to that account? That way the client can log in and check files and also you will be able to log in and do design work.

Also, did you wrote to customer support? I think they will be able to transfer the website with an active hosting.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Thank you for the speedy response, Piter.

Yeah, that is what I’ve attempted to do but I can’t transfer the site as it has active hosting.

I’ve contacted Webflow support, thank you for the suggestion. It’s just that they take days to respond.

I’ve also now found out only one designer can be logged into a single project at any given time. So every time they have to login, just so they can successfully view a linked file within a form notification email, I’ll be kicked out. Equally I could accidently kick them out whilst they’re half way through processing a form submission with multiple files linked. I can barely believe how poor quality this ‘solution’ will be. If it does even manage to get that far.

At the moment, just wish I never suggested using Webflow.

Anyways, I’ll report back to this thread when there’s a result.

Thank you again.

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Thanks for your response @Merlyn

Is this working for you > When a user uploads and submits a file through one of your forms, the uploaded file will be included as a URL in your form submission notification that is emailed to the email address(es) you have specified in your form notification settings in your project settings .

So, what’s the email the form submissions go to?


I’m having this SAME issue, has anyone figured this out? Editors should get access to the files uploaded.

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