More new features on just the Business plan in the future?

Form file upload was just released, great! But only on the business plan, not so great. I understand that Webflow needs to make money, but… is more of the new features that is planned for the future going to be released on just Business plan? This is very important to know, because I need to know what plan to sell in to the customers. It can be hard to explain to some customers afterwards that the hosting costs will more that double to get “simple” new features like form file upload, especially since very few (of my) customers need the other features that is included in the business plan.


I’m completely guessing the following but it’s an interresting topic so I’ll try:

Here’s the list of in-development features. (multilanguage is missing from the list)

If form attachment already requires Business hosting, then all of them could. Multilanguage, Ecommerce, I always thought they’d be for the Business plan only. It makes sense as they’re heavy features from development to production.

However, Grids, Pagination and Conditional visibility are direct features of the Designer, and they impact sites that can be transferred etc, so they logically should be delivered for all hostings.

In the end, some features are requiring more server power, some don’t. Attachements, multilanguage, ecommerce do. Grids, pagination don’t. Conditional visibility, I guess, is only like another way to filter, so it uses power but not more than another filter (and less that many more filters used to try to mimick the feature)

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Hi, I was very happy when I got the announcement about the new feature “File Upload in Forms”, but got very very sad when saw that is only available for “Business Hosting”. Come on Webflow, you guys gonna start to charge for every new feature it comes out? A CMS hosting plan without upload functionality in forms it’s ridiculous.
Am I the only one that thinks that is too much?


You’re not the only one. I’m also frustrated about this.

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I also think this is stupid. Come on. We’re already paying enough.


File upload with CMS is a mandatory! You guys could limit it to just photo uploads with file size limit. 1MB would be sufficient for anyone doing profile cards or similar layouts. That would do the job for most of us.

I was already using Jotform when I started using Webflow. However, after using both and connecting through Zapier I’d at least like to get to test if the form features would get the job done rather than needing 2 3rd party subscriptions to get the job done.

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