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Form emails to different email addresses

I am noticing that you still can’t send different forms to different email addresses and it looks as if this has been a problem for a very long time.

I have a huge client that I am building their new site in WF. Now the biggest issue I have with this is, the company has different locations in different States. So I need certain forms to go to certain email addresses. Obviously the staff in one State/location don’t want to be bothered with the staffs email from a different State/location. I shouldn’t have to setup gmail redirects or a zap to send forms to different places.

Webflow, this is a website for a larger company a business. Obviously certain forms have to go to certain email addresses. Even Adobe Muse you could do this in…LOL… Please help with this, I am trying to launch this site the early part of this coming year and the stakeholders of this company will not be impressed if I can’t make this happen.

or am I just missing something that this can actually happen in WF?

Thank you and happy Holidays.

Hi @HazeDesign

You can’t do this natively with Webflow forms. It’s not what Webflow focuses on.

That said, you can do this!

But… you’ll have to use something like Zapier or Integromat. Submit your forms to one of those glue services and pop off an email to whomever you like.

Thanks Chris for the reply and the tips to make this happen, much appreciated. You say that this is not WF focuses on. With that said, wouldn’t allowing different forms to hit different email addresses be good UI/UX and I think that WF would want to focus on that. Don’t get me wrong, WF is truly a huge game changer and is phenomenal in my book, but this simple task should be easily achieved natively.

Maybe it would be too difficult for them to keep track of the number of form submissions with having different forms going to different emails? But with how intuitive the WF team is, I don’t think that would be a problem to adjust.

Just really wish WF would make this a part of the interface, would help so much.

Thanks again Chris

I can’t speak to that, but I can speak to the fact that it doesn’t exist and just observe where they put their efforts.

There is a solution to this by using glue services, though.

Good luck!

Thanks Chris, I appreciate that.

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In the near future you could be able to take advantage of a new feature called “logic” which will address the current shortcoming. It’s listed on the main site.

Thank you Jeff… I kind of figured that the WF team would address this. I mean the program to me is amazing and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same, so why not make it better with this email capabilities. Now I’m curious on what this logic is all about.

Thanks again Jeff… now I’m hopeful. Lol