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Different forms to different emails

I do not understand why this can’t be done. This is BASIC html/php. like nothing more basic than setting up a form and sending it to whatever email you want.

I didn’t even think twice about this, I build quite a few websites on webflow and just ran into this very simple request. The client wants job applications to go to a different email. I told them of course it’s a simple fix. Little did I know it is NOT a simple fix. This is UNACCEPTABLE. This is FUNDAMENTAL stuff.

Anyways, is there a work around at all? I found something that will send the info via an email client using a custom button but that’s not really what I want.

Webflow won’t host forms on non-hosted websites because of GDPR.

Just write your PHP file and connect its directory to the “action” attribute.


Look into integrating with Zapier or Integromat. I built a site where the form sends to one of 35 different emails based on an address that is entered.

While it’s not done in Webflow, you can build some pretty amazing work flows and it includes error handling too.

yeah but it will still send to the original email with a zap. So in my case all the job applications are going to the info email and the careers email. They are getting around 30 emails to careers per day that is bogging down the other address… this is really fundamental stuff like I said and it’s mind blowing that this is impossible to do.

In your Webflow Project settings under Forms you can leave the “Send form submissions to:” field empty. This will stop any forms from sending emails automatically. And allow you to fully process these through Zapier only.

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