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Form data output - manipulation

Hi everybody,
can any one help me with questions regarding form data output? (a little similar to: Manipulate {{formData}} Output)

  1. Only show data from filled out form fields:
    Can this be done? I need the data output only to show the fields that were filled out.
    It is a order list where customers picks among 500 different items…

  2. Is it possible to “show customer what he picked” when pushing “order button”
    so if he picked “A, G, H” - these items will show up, once pushing “order button/send”

CROSSING my fingers for positive response on this - looking forward to hearing from you again, have a great day

From a huge webflow-fan!

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You might want to see if Zapier has any tools that would allow that.

I don’t really see how you can achieve that without some scripting. At least #2 seems pretty easy to do when using javascript. (Create an array with elements that have been selected by the user, then influencing some kind of pop-up with the elements of that array). Now #1 I’m not really sure what’s the best approach for you

Thanks for your reply on this Jeandcc - I’m getting help from some other webflowers (code gurues) at the moment, so hopefully they can solve # 1…keeping my fingers crossed!

Have a great day

I really wish I could be of more help. Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with that specific use of JS. All the best of luck to you