How to create an order form


So, this is what I’d want to create, an order form where a customer can:

  1. Choose multiple products* (product data would come from Google Sheets through Zapier to Webflow CMS)
  2. Choose how many items of a such product
  3. See the end price
  4. Send the form to us to fulfill

*Preferably multiple choice in a dropdown menu, since there’s hundreds of products to choose from.

There’s no need to collect payment. This is only to streamline ordering process.
Any ideas if this would be possible to do inside Webflow?

If not, then I’d be open to any other softwares / integrations to achieve this. Only must’s would be to be able to pull data from Google Sheets.

Any help and or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I’d like the exact same thing, but i can’t seem to find any solution within Webflow atm…

Yeah, me neither. I decided to learn javascript for this and it seems the only way to make it happen right now.