Form: How to group/filter data before it gets sent

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I would like to group and filter the data that is coming from our form (see link) before it gets sent. I basically don’t need to see values of controls that were not selected, i.e. false

Whats the best way to accomplish that? Some kind of Javascript somewhere? Or is it an even smarter way to do that?

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One option is to have an automation watch for form posts, and then do your desired grouping, filtering and formatting. However you’ll need some good custom coding skills to take your data, clean and reformat it, and then generate HTML for your email notification.

Another option which I frequently use is to avoid the email notification altogether, and have an automation push your lead into a lead management system directly, like Salesforce .com or Pipedrive, or Nutshell, depending on what suits you.

This gives you the ability to store your structured data in a structured way, and add your unstructured / free-form data as notes.

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Thanks for the hints regarding lead management systems. I am definitely going to have a closer look at the products you mentioned.

I just stumbled upon Zapier. Could also be a way to handle it. What do you think about Zapier?

Extremely overpriced, limited flow control, plus some fundamental design issues in error handling. But otherwise a very capable automation service, and a fairly low learning curve.

I’m a dev so it’s essential things don’t shut down when they encounter errors.

What you’re trying to do is probably quite code-heavy so if you’re planning to regroup and format your data you’ll want good language support. Zapier I think supports python. Pipedream supports JS. I’d lean towards pipedream for this, personally.

Make .com is a favorite, I haven’t tested its custom code support however.

Zapier has a really low learning curve I agree with you. I am astonished what you can all do with it…but I am pretty sure thats not what I need right now.

I used to be a dev as well, so writing a JS function is not a big deal for me. I just found out where I have to add the JS code. Wow was this annoyingly hidden…

Thanks for your helpful feedback.