Form, create multiple text-area


I create a form like this.

As you can see I used 6 text-area. I connected Webflow to Airtable with Integromat.
It works, BUT I only get one text-area data…
Even in my email notification, I get back 1 data of 1 text-area, I should’ve 6 because I’ve 6 text-area.

Does anyone know why Webflow doesn’t recognize the others text-area field ?

Lovely day or night :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can you post your read-only link so we can look into this issue please? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @PixelGeek, below :

Thanks for your time !

I also have the same problem. input type “plain” works normally but when I use multiple input type “Textarea” only one shows up in the submission form.

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Hey !

Any changes for you ?
Do you find a way to fix it ?

nope, i just use the plain text input for now.

Ok, :confused:
I hope they will fix that kind of issue…

@ousachea @PixelGeek

If you want to add multiple textarea in a form, you need to add a custom attributes for each textarea. Like below :

Name : data-name
Value : a short description of your textarea

Always keep “data-name” for the name, however for the value you can write whatever you want.

Cheers !


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