MailChimp not capturing text area field on Webflow form


I am in the process of transferring all my client’s forms over to MailChimp due to GDPR.

I have set a form up on my personal site as a test. I have it working, however, MailChimp won’t capture the data added to a text area field in the form created on Webflow.

I have created a Form Mailchimp Test page

My read-only link is below.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @scottalexwatson

You need to make sure that the text field names match up exactly on Webflow and in Mailchimp.


Is Mailchimp capturing ANY data at all or just omitting some of them?

Here is the Webflow University page if you haven’t already seen it.

Hi Markos,

Thanks for that. However it is not the text field I’m having an issue with its the 'text area" in the instance it is the “message field”

Ahh, OK. I’m not 100% on this is a didn’t think Mailchimp would/could capture text area fields.

It may be worth setting up a Zapier connection if Mailchimp is not taking the text field, you can add the data to a Google Doc for the client, and then add the email address and other fields to Mailchimp.

Sorry if that’s not much help!

@StuM are you able to help on this one?

Thanks, much appreciated for your help ,

So that would be Zapier, Google Docs, MailChimp that will all have to connect to Webflow? Hopefully Webflow can suggest a more simplified workflow, to what was a very simple feature they offered in the platform.


I can’t help on this one - but looking on the video in the link you sent, there is a message (text area) box used which suggests it should work…

@McGuire any clues what might be missing, or any other ninjas out there?

Hi @scottalexwatson, could you help to share a screenshot of your list field settings on the list in Mailchimp?

like this:

This will help to compare to the field names in the form settings in Webflow.

As a note, I setup a mailchimp with the textarea input and was succesfully able to get that to submit the data, so I think there must be some form field naming conflict somewhere there.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dave, Got it sorted. The field names didn’t match properly as one was lowercase the other was uppercase. All working now.

One other question though. If I use mail chimp for the contact form, technically a user can only use the form once from the site as Mail Chimp has already collected the data. If for instance someone used the form again a year down the line with a different message, I wouldn’t get the updated message in Mail Chimp, it would be the old one.

Many Thanks,


Thank’s for the this screenshot - it solved a series of mail chimp form related issues. It should be pinned on top of the forum since people will need to figure out how to solve the form problems on self hosted websites these days.

In particular, this screenshot helped me to setup the MailChimp settings in relation to the different forms (more than one textfield per form) on my website.

I know this forum is pretty old, but i seem to be having an issue that has not been able to get fixed. I noticed my labels were not matching in webflow and mailchimp, so i fixed that however, i am still not getting the button to submit data into the mailchimp form.