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Multiple Question Form


I am creating a form with a number of questions on which you can choose from different values. But when the submit button is clicked, the only info that I get is the answer to the last question. I want answers to all the questions at the same time.

Attached is just a simple mockup, I cannot show the actual site since it is for my client.

How do I do this?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi could you re-create the form in another project and post the read only link for that?

Absolutely, of course!

Here is the same type of form. If I publish it, open the page an and answer the questions, I still get an e-mail with only the answer to the last one.

How do I get around this?


You have to give each select element a unique name. In your example they are all called Field.

Thank you, that is wonderful! I should have thought about that before. Now it all works.

Ideally, I would have liked the results of the questions to be published on the page when you press submit, such as this:

Question One: C
Question Two: E
Question Three: G

But there is no way this can be done, as I understand?

Thanks again!

Or rather like:
Question One: C
Question Two: A
Question Three: C
… so that you can see which alternative dominates.

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