Multiple inputted form data does not show up in Email or Form Submission Data


I have multiple text area fields in my form but when I enter data in those fields and submit the form the data does not show up in my email or in the Webflow backend “Form Submission Data” section.

Yes, I have {{formData}} in my email template.

One other thing, when I skip a *required field the error message does not show up too.

I hope someone can take a look at this. Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

Hi Silvan, these changes might help;

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Hi Michael,

Wow! Thank you so much for going in depth into my issues and thank you for the compliments. I indeed used interactions for the multiple step function. Works really well in my opinion.

Also a great tip of yours about that some fields will possible not be taking into account when they are hidden. So I changed the multiple step a bit. The second section of fields will now be displayed below the first section, so the first section will be visible at all times and so all fields will be too.

I changed the form to Post and shortened the label names. Everything now shows appropriate in the email!

1 thing I couldn’t fix is the Error message to be shown when not all required fields are filled… It only shows the standard iOS (iPadOS) notification that a required field is not filled. This did not happen to me before. I checked in Safari and Firefox but nevertheless.

Thanks again for your help Michael, have a great day/evening!

Oh and by the way, don’t worry about sending a submission. You can do that if you are going to check the error message issue anyway :slight_smile:

The error message for missing required fields, and fields that violate pattern matching, is given by the browser, so it looks different on each browser.

It generally cannot be changed or styled in any consistent way.

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