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Form are not working

The answers to my question on my forms are NOT showing up on my end, what am I doing wrong?

@cesarhernandez - can you provide a link to your read-only site? Additional detail on which form(s) and which fields specifically are not being captured would be useful as well.

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Hi Sam, Here is the link:
Attached I am including a screenshot of what I am receiving on my end. When people fill out the questions I can not see any of their answers. Please advice for my client is getting frustrated.

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@cesarhernandez - can you provide your read-only site link as well?

If you’re unsure how to do this please see this guide:

Hi Sam, I hope I sent you the correct site link. If you did receive it please look at the english job application form I currently have active.

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@cesarhernandez - the problem is that you have multiple forms on the page. So when the form is submitted it is only submitting fields for that particular form, in this case the final form with the submit button.

Each of these is a separate form:

You either need to combine these all within a single form block with a single submission action OR use custom code to serialize all of the data from every form into one payload and submit it via Ajax, which could be done using the method described here with some minor modifications:

My recommendation is to create everything in a single form, I will be much easier to build and I don’t see a good reason to use separate forms for what you are doing.

Just place divs for the four current form sections into the form block and build the fields you want in each respective div. You can add headers and additional text to put in your form section heading etc…

Hi Sam, Is there a way you might be able to send me an example? I have little experience with creating forms. I would greatly appreciate your help.

@cesarhernandez - take a look here:

As you can see below it’s made up of a standard form block, with a few divs nested inside. The form container is set to display flex with wrapping turned on. Then each form section is it’s own div with the flex basis set to 50%. So you end up with four divs in a 2x2 grid that stack that can each contain their own form elements within the same form block.

I will give it a try… truly appreciate your help!