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Fonts not appearing in live site

So one of my clients asked me to use an adobe font for her site (Goldenbook), and for the most part, I was able to add the API token, set the font in the designer, but as soon as the site is posted the font stops working.

I thought it was the adobe fonts that were the issue, but I have since switched to a google font and the same issue is occurring. It doesn’t seem to matter what font I choose it is not posting. Instead, it seems to be defaulting to something else.

Does anyone have a clue what I could do to resolve the problem? Please let me know if I can provide any more information.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(Live Site)

I avoid wonky issues like these by manually uploading all of my fonts. You can easily find them online. Hope that helps, all the best.

@Sarkis Thanks for the recommendation. Apparently though the issues a little worse than I first thought. It doesn’t seem to be working with any fonts.

Wow, in that case I suggest getting directly in touch with Webflow by email. There might be an issue with your account. Another recommendation is that you clone the project and try again. Maybe that specific project is corrupted somehow. Try adding fonts to other projects, if the same issue persists, its definitely a Webflow issue.

@Sarkis, cloning the project was a good thought, but unfortunately no luck. The problem persists. Thanks for the input though.

It seems I’m not having the problem with other projects. Just this one. Which totally isn’t incredibly frustrating or anything…Its not like I spent a ton of time assembling that site or anything just to have it not work in the end.

I sent them an email. I hope they get back to me quick. I need to keep working on it, but I worry that working on it further may be a waste of time.

That is so strange. Something corrupted the project internally. Are you using a lot of custom code? Maybe something is conflicting with Webflow?

Another idea is to place all the elements on the page within a parent div and copy/paste it to a brand new project that doesn’t have these issues so that you don’t have to copy each section/div/element one by one. Your interactions and assets will be moved, as well. No need to rebuild everything.

@Sarkis it may come to that but I want to avoid doing that if I can.

The way it’s built already would work to copy and paste the stuff over from a parent element into a new project but the problem is if I do that between pages it’s going to make duplicates of tags because of how webflow seems to like to copy things unless you know a way to copy over content without having webflow make duplicate tags to avoid redundancies.

As for custom code, I have a couple of small bits, but this version of the site is a rebuild already. The other version works but for various reasons, it was a good idea to build it again from scratch. There was no issue with the code before, so I’m not sure why it might give me trouble now. its just incorporating a swiper.js element on the landing page.

Got you. Let’s see what the Webflow team says in that case.

@Sarkis, thanks for chiming in and offering suggestions. Hopefully it doesn’t take them too long to help me figure it out.

Anytime man, sorry I couldn’t help. Please post the solution once they get back to you.

@Sarkis well, I have no idea how I missed it and no idea how it didn’t previously affect my projects, but you had the solution 2 messages ago.

It was custom code. I started noting the other pages were not being affected the same way as the landing page. Now I’m confused about how it didn’t affect the project that I had pulled the code from in the first place. Oh well, as long as it’s fixed.

Haha custom code strikes again. This happened to me once, pissed me off for a week until I accidentally stumbled upon it. Glad it got sorted, best of luck with the project :slight_smile:

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