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Font Problem with Safari on mobile devices

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I have a little problem with integrating a custom font into my webflow project.
In Mozilla and Chrom the font shows up perfectly but in Safari(Version 11.0.1 (12604., not all font styles render correct.

I upload all different kinds of font formats into my project.

Any solutions?

Best regards :))

Hi @Fabrice_Pohlmann, a few questions to help get this resolved.

  1. Can you please share the link to the pubished page having the issue
  2. If possible can you create a screenshot of the elements in question
  3. What is the name of this custom font and from where did you generate that?

One helpful step is to generate new webfonts from fontsquirrel webfont generator and then upload new fonts and remove old ones. Upload all versions of the font .eot, .woff, .otf and .ttf.

I hope this helps.

Hi @cyberdave,

thanks for your answer!

  1. This is my site:
  2. Affected are all fonts on the site.
  3. The font is called TT Norms and it’s from
    (It´s a high-quality font so I wonder that it doesn’t work)

All the best

@cyberdave uploading the font on fontsquirrel is not allow because of legal issues :confused:

Hi @Fabrice_Pohlmann, thanks, could you please contact our support desk at and send a copy of the font to me so that I can test that font?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @cyberdave,

I chatting with the support now and were looking for a solution for the problem. It seems that the font renders, but they do look different due to low-res vs. hi-res and spacing different due to pixel density on devices.

Thanks for your help!

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