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Prima primum site

Hey community,

Proud to show you our first ever website made with Webflow (for a client) , before WF we used adobe Muse for 2 websites, so we are still newbies learning from the community (thanks guys)

Every comments, feeds and improvements are warmly welcome

Bien à vous,

Max & Tom

That’s pretty damn good for a first website mate !!! well done :clap:t2:

Main feedback for me was the frustration of not being able to read the text sorta hidden in the flowers behind the logo. Not sure if this is intended or not, but I wanted to know what it said and just couldn’t get it.

Wow thanks sir !

You are sharp eyed ahah, it’s due from the dispersion effect on Photoshop when I worked on the flowers, the source PSD was a typography work around three letters : I E T, so it wasn’t intentional :neutral_face:

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