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Filtering not working across dynamic template pages

Hey there!
I’m having some issues with filtering, but maybe I’m not using the feature correctly…

Here’s the thing:
I have a template page with different type of cities with a 2 different top 3’s: eateries and hotels.

I have filtered the content on name, so that only the 3 correct items are showing:
Filter: ‘name = Marrakech - Eateries’ and for the hotel section: ‘name = Marrakech - Hotels’
Works beautifully.
However, if I now go to another city from the same template page, let’s say ‘Toronto’, it still show’s the Marrakech filter. When I change it here, it also changes for Toronto.

Am I missing something?
Check out the read-only link and choose the ‘Cities Template’ page.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @aaleks, your read only link is broken, can you fix it please so i can have a look ?

Thanks for the heads up, ‘copy/pasting’ is hard :slight_smile:
Link is fixed!

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@aaleks, you are going to hate this but i think you need to rebuild your CMS structure in order to achieve what you want to achieve.

Have a look at the structure i’ve just made for you :slight_smile:

We have 3 collection list



In your city collection, you put all your cities
In your restaurant collection you put all the restaurants of all the cities
In the hotel collection you put all the hotels of all the cities

Add two multi reference field on the City collection (one for hotel, one for restaurants).

Go on Paris in the city collection for example and select the right restaurants for Paris and the right Hotels for Paris.
Do it for all the cities.

On your collection page template City

For restaurant :
Click and drag a dynamic bloc
Select Collection, Multi Reference collection, Restaurant


And style

Do the same thing for hotel and everything should work the way you wanted.
Hope this helps,

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In case you wondering, it’s still a good workflow for your client.
On the editor, let’s say your client wants to add a new restaurant on toronto, i ll just have to hit the + sign next to the restaurant multi ref field

And with this structure you don’t have to limit the number of Restaurant/Hotels !
-> Sky (and design) is the limit :stuck_out_tongue: (and webflow cap 100 items :D)

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Wow @zbrah I just tested it out and it works beautifully! It takes some effort to change everything, but it’s way more flexible - thank you so much for your help!

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