Why can't I paginate and filter a multi-reference CMS field on a CMS Collection Page?


Here is my read-only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/apartment-list-city-pages?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=apartment-list-city-pages&preview=645fbef51f06f8e7f61487ac5f9d4e37&mode=preview

First off, sorry for all the CMS Collections. You only need to focus on the “City Pages”, “Neighborhood Guides” and “More Moving Tips-Alls”. So, the top three collections.

What I need help with:

I need to paginate the Neighborhood Guides CMS (multi-refrence field) in my City Pages Template but there is no setting for pagination or filtering.

Please help! Thanks.

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You can find the Neighborhood Guides CMS underneath the heading “Deciding where to live in (City)?”

I haven’t looked at your site, and don’t have a reason to provide for yourquestion, but here are facts:

Here’s the Settings for a Collection List inside of a page or a Collection Template Page


Note that the list is linked to a CMS Collection, and that the options available are: filtering, sorting, paginating and limiting.

Now the same Settings panel for a Collection List that is linked to a multi-reference field of the current collection:


Note that the list is linked to a field of the current collection, and that not only paginating isn’t possible but also sorting, filtering and limiting.

We have investigated this a bit this week with @zbrah but we couldn’t find an obvious reason for it. We find, and have several use cases where the need to sort such a list is legitimate (@zbrah example was a list of members of some board of directors I think, and sorting them alphabetically was just making sense, that’s one example among many.)

I am having the same issue, which I posted about a few days ago. I’m trying to use pagination to have a slider in my CMS template, that can have varying numbers of slides, depending on how many images are added to the CMS item. Why blank slides appear, even if conditional visibility as added to them is beyond me…

I’ve had to use a pretty tedious workaround, involving many duplicates of the same slider, with conditional visibility on the slider itself

I really hope a solution comes about, or that this function is added in the future.

I hope this is helpful to someone searching cause lawd knows I’m late to the party!

Share Link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/cpups-test?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=cpups-test&preview=ebe219589b5a8a20ea923aa4e7e4fe76&pageId=5fadad1c94dc286da813494f&itemId=5fadad1c94dc28a856134971&mode=preview

My workaround wasn’t terribly tedious. I’ve got a Career site with several selectors (category, sub-category, green jobs, etc). I wanted each selector to have it’s own page, complete with info about the selector, and then a pre-filtered list of Careers that have that selector. Specifically for the idea of Categories and Sub-Categories what I have done is:

  • Add a Multi-Reference field in each Category called Careers
  • Add a Reference field in each Career called Category
  • Add a Collection List to the page and connect it to the Careers CMS Collection (not the multi-ref)
  • Set my pagination (it’s over 1000 items!)
  • Set Filter to only show Careers that contain the Current Category
  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Easy workaround provided you’ve got the Multi-Ref/Ref fields on both ends of the equation. Clunky workaround, but effective. Thank all things for Integromat! Without it I would have lost my mind adding these connections manually! (read: I wouldn’t have done it).

Hope that helps someone.

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