Link to product list using cms as filters

Hello, I am trying to make a site with businesses on them. It filters from state to city, then lists all the cities available. Now i’m not using filters for these I have separate pages for states and cities, and that filters well enough with a cms of my businesses. The issue is that I want these businesses to be listed as products. I cannot figure out how to go from state to city to product listings. everytime I try to add the product cms from ecommerce it says i need to be on a product page. Can someone tell me how to build this out? I have tried using the product template to create the list and that works well enough but i cannot get it to filter by city after i wclicked on city, again i dont want on page filters

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Funjixy)

Hey Joe, it’s a bit difficult to imagine exactly what you’re wanting to build, but looking at your Cities collection pages, you have a collection list with Locations. It sounds like what you’re wanting to do is to change that list to connect to Products instead, so that your businesses appear on the city page.

You already have State and City set a custom ref fields on your Products, so it’s easy to filter that to show just the Products where City = Current City.

Hi @joe_simmons. Is this that you want to achieve?

I tried this but i cant get that page to direct to product list. It won’t give me the option.

Do you mean to link to a product page from a product collection list item?
That should be pretty straightfoward but the naming for the options might be unintuitive.

Here’s how to add that;

No, i have this for the categories but the person that wants this site wants the user to go through states page, then cities page then use filters. It is setup and works with regular CMS collection but I need them to work with product collection but cant make it link to any product page.

Ideally Iwant to go to state, then city, then it take me to products that are in that city.

Thank you for responding so prmptly and trying to help. An active forum is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

That’s exactly what I was trying to do, for some reason last night it wouldn’t let me add product collection to that page. I tried for hours. I watched you do it and I went to repeat the process and sure as the day is long it will now let me add it. Thank you.

It kept telling me I needed to be on the products page to add this collection.

I feel like I have seen that message in the past also, but I can’t remember what I was doing that triggered that error.

I know one of the things that tripped me up early on is I have a lot of collections and Products sorts to a separate group at the very bottom, so it’s not obvious that it exists as an option unless you know where to look.

Glad it worked!