Hide collection list item based on selected in multireference field in other collection

So I have a website with several products. These products are available in a variety of stores. but not every store has the same products. So I created a Collection with the products. And created a separate collection for the stores. and set the stores as a multi reference field in the product collection. This works fine.

I’ve setup the Product page to only show the logo’s of the stores where the product is sold, this works.
I also have a page showing all the stores (the availability page) and when you click on the stores you go to a page that shows the products available in said store.

I have a couple of stores that don’t have any products right now, but will have in the future. this will change over time. I don’t want to delete and add this store every time they don’t sell or are selling the products.

So I would like to filter the collection list on the availability page to only show the logo’s of the stores that actually sell the products right now. So basically filter the collection list on stores that are referenced in a product (are added in the multi reference field of a product).

Would something like this be possible? I’m not seeing this option int the default filter options…

Here is my public share link: LINK