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Website Grouping in the dashboard

I tend to like being as organized as possible, as it means I can work faster and spend less time finding my way around things. One thing I would find very helpful would be the ability to create custom groups within the webflow dashboard for organizing my various websites I have. Particularly as the list of websites being run through my account keeps growing, having the ability to organize them would make searching for the particular website I want at the time a lot quicker.

I mocked up an basic visual of what I thought it might look like.

The ability to set a website to a specific group, and then change its group would also be helpful. Just as an example, you might make a “In Development” group for websites you’re working on, then as websites are completed and launched you could move them to another group call “Live.” That way rather than scrolling through all of the websites trying to find the one you are still working on, you can have them all in one spot.

I know it’s not a big must-have as far as web development features go, but I would certainly find it very helpful if we could make custom named groups for sorting the websites in to each suit our workflow.