Filter option field (multireference) when its set

Hi all. I have been struggling with this for sometime now and could not find a solution. I have a collection named “genre” and have use that collection in another collection named “clubnames” as a multireference field. So basically if a band is playing in a club we can select the genre options (set in genre collection) in the “clubnames” collection and there we go.

The problem is there are so many genres that I only want to show the genre that is set. So if rock, pop, metal shows are on tonight the site should show only those options available as a checkbox instead of other genre that are not set.

I have tried to use the conditional visibility for “genre” collection and the only options that come up are “equals to, does not equal to, created on” etc. However If I choose the collection as clubnames I can actually filter the option field in condition visibility when it says “genre=is set”. The problem then is that I cannot choose “get text” in checkbox label from “genre” since I am using “clubnames” database. I cannot use nested collection in the same page since I have already used one in another list in the same page.
the site is