CMS Wishlist: Filter on "options" in Multireference

It would be awaesome when we could filter on “Options” on the Multireference.


I have a collection called “Recos” , and in this collection there is an option field called “neighborhood” with options of “east village” , “west village” , “Midtown”.

On the Recos Template page - I would like to add a dynamic list on here that shows ONLY Reco collection items that match the “neighborhood” of the current Reco. For example, if I am on the Reco Template page of a collection item that has the field value of “neighborhood = east village”; I want the dynamic list to only show Recos items that also have “neighborhood = east village”.

I tried using the filters however it seems it can’t by dynamic for this field. It only lets me hard code it.

Here is the Reco collection template page I am on and the filter options. Where it says “Midtown” I would want it to say “Current Recos neighborhood”

Is this possible? Thanks!

I’m having the same issue with a Collection Page Template. I need to be able to filter the Dynamic List by Price List is Current Price List. The ‘Current Price List’ isn’t an option in the picklist.

That’s weird. It appeared within a few minutes.

@davidmjackson that is weird. It’s still not showing for me though. Would you be able to send a screenshot that shows where it is appearing for you? (hoping I’m just looking in the wrong place or something)

I think I figured it out. It seems for the filter you can only choose “is equal to current {collection item}” when the field is a reference or multi-reference field (and therefore referencing a different collection item). It will not work if the field is set to ‘option’. I guess for this functionality I will have to break down the neighborhoods into their own collection as opposed to keeping them all in 1 option field.

Could someone from Webflow confirm for me if that is accurate?


Hi @justin_c, thanks for your question, I believe what you are trying do with the filter on the option field match this open Wish List request. At the moment, it is not possible to filter dynamically on those option fields.

Lets hope that this kind of things will be done earlier in the future, in case of making other “Big” things done like a “Market place” or “Interactions 2.0” Really guys: Slider CMS, Lightbox CMS, Complete-Image-Scaling, PDF Uploads, Search-tool, This smaller things are so needed and will give us some much extra time!

Your createst fan! Koen

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Yes agreed this is a much needed feature. Blog posts dont just sit in one category alone, yet this forces it.