Filter Category with SELECT


I have a list of companies with each company referring to a different category - Big Data, Connectivity, AI.

I created a filter button between each category by MixIt. What happens if I want a company to belong to more than one category?

Is there a way to do this?

someone please? :frowning:

I thought of a solution, but I don’t know how to do that on a single page like yours.
You can create a Categories collection with Big Data, AI and Connectivity and then make a multi-reference to that in the Companies collection.
Once you have this, on the Catgories Template you can place a collection list with the Companies, design it as you want and then use the filter function to show only the companies with the reference to that specific category.
With this method you can link a company to as many categories as you want, but you will have a different page for every category.
I did this for a recent project of mine and it worked great, the multi-reference field in CMS is really powerful.
Hope this helps somehow.

I need to do that on single page :pensive:

Hi Eyed !

This should work you -

Oh thanks!
But I dont know how to use it instead Mixitup filtering and how to connect this to CMS

You could use this app to do that

I will try it! thanks

is it work also with Select option button?