Multicategory filter

Hello everyone!

On our site we have a product overview page that is using a multicategory filter. Build according to this article (2nd solution).

The filter is build with a MixItUp JS library.

On our homepage we have a couple of these categories listed → user clicks on one of these categories → redirected to the product overview page → instead of showing the complete product overview, the correct category filter should already be selected/pressed + activated. Thus showing ONLY the relevant products.

To break it down:
We want to trigger a button (in this case a filter category button) on the product page, after clicking a link on the homepage.

We found this article that is basically the goal we want to achieve.

The only thing is that we are not using buttons, but links. And the filter is build up by using an embedded HTML containing some code to generate the filter button.

Explainer video:

Here is my site Read-Only:

It’s a lot easier to modify Webflow layouts than JS code hosted by someone else, so would it be possible to rebuild the page layout to use buttons instead of links?