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Category Filtering For CMS Collections

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to webflow and I’m working on a page for my company that will house multiple landing pages of a collection I made.

For example here’s the blog version of what I’m trying to build: You can see in that link all the blogs we have are housed on this page and when you click on 1 you are brought into it.

The page I’m trying to build will have a collection of landing pages we’ve built for our e-sport partners/affiliates. However I’d like to add a function where someone can filter the results by category.

Here’s an example of an affiliate page:
The categories I’d like to reference are the 3 keywords at the top of the page.

Here’s an example of how another company is doing it:

Any suggestions how I could go about doing this? Is there a video anyone can reference that will show me how to build this feature through the design mode?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community @Dan_Lanza!

There are probably a couple different ways you could go about this depending on how you’ve setup your CMS collections, but the easiest way is to add a separate Categories collection and then use a Multi-Reference field to add one or more to your Partners/Affiliates collection.

To get these links to show up, you’d just need to add a collection list that is pulling from your Categories collection and link each to their own collection page.

If you’re having trouble getting it setup, please include your read-only link for the project and I’d be happy to help out!

Thanks for the reply!

here’s my RoL:

I think I understand about the multi-reference. Sorta like how the blogs are pulling the authors right?

I think I understand about the multi-reference. Sorta like how the blogs are pulling the authors right?

Yep! The only different is that the Authors are using a Single Reference field (meaning you can only assign one author to any blog post) while a Multi-Reference field would allow you to assign more than one Category to an Affiliates item.

After taking a look at your project, I’d recommend replacing your “Keyword” fields in the Affiliates collection with one Multi-Reference field that is linked to a new Keyword collection, and replacing the Game/Core Community Interest field with a Single Reference linked to a new Game/Interest collection.

This would free up a couple fields on your collection and allow you to attach additional fields to each of these new collections to expand functionality down the road. This could be things like a color field for thematic changes, or an image field for things like icons—and if you ever added to these lists or updated information, you could make the change in one place instead of across multiple collection items.