Using Mixitup in a nested CMS

Hey everyone,

I have a nested CMS on my page. The setup is that I have a grid that pulls in a list of companies from the CMS. Each CMS company item is designed as a card. On each card there is a nested CMS for Categories.

I want to filter the Companies by the categories but I’m not sure if it’s possible or if I’m just not experienced enough with Mixitup to make it work.

Here’s my public link.

Any advice would be a huge help!
Adam :slight_smile:

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Nested collection lists only work with multi reference and multi image fields. And only one nested collection list in a collection list.
For more info look at Nelson’s latest Pixel geek YouTube video (1 hour in)

Thanks for the reply!! I’m not sure I understand as my category list is are multi-reference and I only have one nested collection. Thanks for pointing me to the video though, I’m going to watch it now :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m trying to better understand MixItUp and nested CMS lists for filtering categories currently also but haven’t cracked it yet. I’ve taken a quick look at your example. I think you have to go into each ‘Shoe Brands Company’ page and manually add in the ‘Categories’ from the dropdown menu as they are ‘multi-ref’ similar to what you have done for your ‘Activities’ and ‘Shoe Types’ etc… Screen shot attached. Let me know if this works as I need to deploy to a project over the coming days.

Thanks for taking a look! Yeah, it’s pretty tricky for a no coder like me. I had some of the company categories done already but I’ve gone ahead and done them all to be safe. Sadly still no luck :frowning:

I just managed to get this working on my project! Happy days. On your page I can’t see the page settings custom code that I used from this tutorial.

This is form the article that needs to be on your page…

<!— // 1) Connecting MixItUp JS library using public CDN link —>

Awesome!! Copied from that article, tweaked and it worked. Thanks a lot bro!