Filter by ALL Multi Reference Fields and not ANY

I have a CMS page called gift ideas with a multi reference field which I select 2+ tags. On this page I want to dynamically only show products with certain tags. Webflow allows me to filter by ANY tags, however I can’t filter products by ALL or Only the tags I select. Is this possible.

In this case products will be shown that only have 1 tag, instead, I want only products with all 3 tags for example.

I know I can manually select each tag with a filter but it gets very tedious if I have 10+ tags. Is there a way to automate/dynamically show products with all tags?

Or maybe theres a way to have a collection list pre filtered using finsweet? I’m not sure if that’s possible.

That’s the approach I’d try. CMS load more + CMS filter and then pre-set your filter and hide the whole thing. See if that does the trick for you.

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